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Geographic Information Systems, Mapserver and Mapscript

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What is tcWebDev?
Author: Pinney Colton

Welcome! This site was created after noticing that discussions on some web development language-specific messageboards and mailing lists frequenty drift off-topic. While this is sometimes the result of undisciplined posting, it is more often a natural by-product of the fact that a web development language is just a small part of a web solution. It is also the result of the helpful nature of many online forum members. So, rather than curtailing beneficial (off-topic) conversations, we hope to offer an alternate forum for the discussion of general web development problems and solutions. This is a great place for newcomers to web development to ask basic HTML or JavaScript questions, as much as it is a place for more seasoned veterans to exchange info of all types.

So, what's off topic here? Not much, as long as your message has to do with designing, developing, and maintaining websites and web applications. This is also a great forum for the announcement of local events and job openings that may be of interest to list members. If you have an announcement or event that you would like to see posted on the website, please submit it via email. No commercial postings may be submitted to this list. You may include reference to yourself or your company in a signature at the end of a message, but the main subject matter in the email should not be for the purpose of unsolicited sales.

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We ask that if you have a language/platform specific question, please be as detailed as possible in the subject line. For example, a good subject line might be "Re: (Apache) Web Server Logs". That's far more helpful than the subject line "Re: Server Logs". List members who only have experience with IIS, for example, may not wish to read that thread. On a mailing list with such a wide scope, descriptive subject lines will help members manage their inboxes.

And on the subject of Apache vs. IIS, and all the great open-source vs. proprietary solution debates for that matter...this is a place to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches. But, please try to avoid using inflammatory language when discussing potentially explosive topics. If you are a "techno-moderate" (like myself), you'll have no problem. But, if you are one with more extreme loyalties to open-source or proprietary solutions, please be a respectful advocate of your solution of choice. Whether or not you will be persuaded to try an alternative solution, a postive exchange of knowledge and understanding will always be beneficial to all involved. There is as much strength in understanding your enemy as there is in understanding yourself.

Many thanks to Allie Micka at pajunas interactive for graciously providing the support, server space, and mailing list software to help make tcWebDev a reality!

How to submit an article
Author: Pinney Colton

We will be posting articles submitted by list members to the front page of If there is a topic that you would like to share with the rest of us, please submit it for review and I will be in touch. I do have a life, and a job that demands a fair amount of my attention, so I may be too busy to reply immediately...but I will make every effort to review articles and reply to authors in a timely manner. In cases where I am unfamiliar with subject matter, I will be seeking "volunteer editors" on the mailing list for assistance in reviewing articles.

Good luck! I look forward to receiving your submissions.